Flexible and tailored
financial services for your ICO

  • Advanced compliance solutions

  • KYC and AML verification for your investors with a proven process validated by the regulators
  • Transaction Management

  • Fiat, crypto and token exchange services, with instant delivery of the digital assets to your personal wallet
  • Cutting-edge custodianship

  • Several options available for securing cryptoassets (Ledger, Multi-sig) for professionals and investors

Our solutions are suited to your financial needs

  • Professional investors

  • Comprehensive support during the process leading to participation in an ICO: acquisition and custodianship of the selected tokens
  • ICO Entrepreneurs

  • Unrivaled compliance services and tailored support for the investors participating in the pre-sale. High conversion volume capability of cryptoassets following the completion of the ICO

They trust us

Your trusted partner for cryptoassets investments

Dedicated compliace team supported by AI models for scoring and pattern detection
150 000+
accounts audited
Large transaction volume capability and experience
transaction volume to this date
A tailor-made advisory service for participating in an ICO with
custodianship possibilities

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Any question?
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